Habanos SA: A Moroccan success story

Indeed, present from Tangier in the North to Lagouira in the South of Morocco and all over the world, the famous Habanos cigars, made 100% in Morocco by the company Habanos SA, are supplied in just a few months, the main subject of true collectors and lovers of beautiful cigars around the world!

Moulay Omar Zahraoui, president of Habanos SA, cannot be more proud of his 100% Moroccan product and explains that the secret behind this great success began with the operation of a tobacco growing unit on more than 120 hectares and that in this process, the company Habanos SA, has linked up with more than 500 local agricultural producers, respecting the strictest cultivation standards, to produce a very high quality tobacco recognized worldwide!

Habanos SA, has specialized since its creation in the manufacture of 100% Moroccan cigars, thanks to the know-how of its locally trained technicians. Thus, the range produced, consists of three distinct categories of cigars. Each cigar is made from three varieties of pure tobacco leaves, cultivated on the fertile lands of northern Morocco. These are all necessary conditions that guaranteed the obtaining of high-quality products never equaled!

The company Habanos SA, signed to establish its reuse, agreements with various partners in Africa and the United States for an amount of 500 million dollars.

Habanos SA, is now counting on a turnover of 1 billion dollars in exports in the coming years!
Habanos SA, leader in the 100% Moroccan “Premium” cigars market, currently has 600 employees and almost 520 farmers specializing in the cultivation of tobacco for the manufacture of “made in Morocco” cigars!

Another secret of the constant quality of Habanos SA products: Cigars are all made from the best “Aficionado” tobacco, grown in the regions of northern Morocco. And in their manufacture, only the best outer layers and inner layers are used. All this gives a mixture of unique, pleasant and most subtle flavors to Moroccan cigars. True cigar connoisseurs around the world will appreciate it!
Habanos SA, is undoubtedly a very beautiful Moroccan success!